Bizcochitos Burritos Chorizo Enchiladas
Flautas Huevos rancheros Posole Red Chile with pork
Sopapillas Spanish rice Tomatillo Tortillas

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Recipes are written in easy to follow steps, complete with exact ingredients and all required utensils. All recipes have been extensively tested. The cookbook is 8.5" by 11", with a plastic comb binding.
The town where I was born no longer exists. A large open-pit copper mine occupies the space where Santa Rita, New Mexico once stood. All that remains of my childhood home is memories. Some of the most vivid memories are those of my mother and grandmother cooking. Whether they were cooking something special for the holidays or just the evening meal, the smells that filled the house were wonderful. As I prepare some of their recipes now I am often reminded of the simpler days of childhood.

In this book, I have attempted to capture the flavor of the Southwestern cooking that I grew up with. Noticeably missing is much of the "Americanized" Mexican food which has recently become popular. The staples in my family's diet were corn and flour tortillas, rice, beans, and, of course, red and green chiles. The recipes in this book revolve around these foods.

Teresa Flores O'Donnell